Apr 23, 2010

I heart araks, rachel and dick...you should too!

I have always been a weeee bit obsessed with Rachel Feinstein's style. Slightly retro, slightly quirky, but ALWAYS well thought out.

i worship at her alter....
and so does Araks Yeramyan. Apparently her latest collection is inspired in part by Ms. Feinstein.
The hair, the lips, the "quirk factor." Araks does the whole retro nerd look to perfection!

By now, you may have guessed that i adore the whole: "pajama pant as pants" look. But this...this SCREAMS "new" to me. Silk, pajama shorts! Think vintage tap pants...or cut those VS silk bottoms you have! of course the curious stripe sweater is mandatory!

So current, so totally do-able!
Shiseido did the make up for Araks show. I actually think the "no-mascara-no-liner and matte-sheer-lipstick" look is the ONLY look for the next year.
I am particurally fond of Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte in Coral Glow, but the other colors can work as well.

Dick Page is a genius make up artist!

Apr 9, 2010

Marni Hearts the Twenties...

...and so do we! (obviously)

(so easily reproduced by using an eighties silk beaded dress as a tunic and layering the hell out of it!)

Yesterday and the day before; and actually the day before that as well, i noticed that no matter what was being discussed I always turned the talk back to the:
Twenties fashion was more than flapper girls with dropped waisted dresses.
Pajama pants, darling!!!! Silk tunics, shirts, velvet high waisted trousers...linen. Unconstructed lines. Two colored, low heeled, shoes. Leather satchels. Menswear. ties, fedoras....playing with gender based philosophies in fashion.
Wellies, boots and SOCKS, dammit! Yes,socks.
So......I show you (ta-dah!) MARNI

Consuelo Castiglioni professes her obsession with the twenties, in a much updated, modern vibe.

Apr 8, 2010

Mourning; Malcolm Mclaren

"In a 1997 article for The New Yorker, Mr. McLaren recalled, “We set out to make an environment where we could truthfully run wild.” On most days the shop did not open until the evening and closed within a few hours. The goal, Mr. McLaren wrote, “was to sell nothing at all.”
Malcolm McLaren from the New York Times

(Best quote ever!...especially since I have an online store and actual brick and mortar store!)

back in the day, when I was just a girl... managing the MAC store in Somerset mall, i discovered this CD; Paris by Malcolm McLaren, and played it constantly. All day, all night...and in the process discovered a genius that most people already knew about, but to me...it was new and brilliant.

His stores, clothing, art, music, bands, life...pure art.

I really adored Malcolm's creativity

Apr 5, 2010

The Twenties

Currently reading : The Bolter by Frances Osborne. A fascinating tale of Idina Sackville's life and loves in the Twenties.

last night I read this passage:

" Idina decided she might as well be as bad as she could. Like her mother and grandmother before her, she was pushing at boundaries. She had her hair shingled to razor-thin shortness at the back and painted her fingernails green."


I wasn't the fan of Chanel's green nail varnish, however this fueled my twenties obsessed mind.


I quicly purchased and lacquered my nails with "Emerald City" by Sally Hansen.

Perfection. Quite like the feathers of a peacock.

Idina was quite the seductress as Fred de Janze describes her in "Vertical Land."
"She sits by my side laughing up at the boy. Amberliqueur; amber glass; pink nails; white skin; cream silk shirt and red kekoi."

Also having a visual love fest with this book:

Finding new inspirations in Pola Negri

Must have something to do with my new asymetrical bob and the many old movies i watch on TCM....