Apr 23, 2010

I heart araks, rachel and dick...you should too!

I have always been a weeee bit obsessed with Rachel Feinstein's style. Slightly retro, slightly quirky, but ALWAYS well thought out.

i worship at her alter....
and so does Araks Yeramyan. Apparently her latest collection is inspired in part by Ms. Feinstein.
The hair, the lips, the "quirk factor." Araks does the whole retro nerd look to perfection!

By now, you may have guessed that i adore the whole: "pajama pant as pants" look. But this...this SCREAMS "new" to me. Silk, pajama shorts! Think vintage tap pants...or cut those VS silk bottoms you have! of course the curious stripe sweater is mandatory!

So current, so totally do-able!
Shiseido did the make up for Araks show. I actually think the "no-mascara-no-liner and matte-sheer-lipstick" look is the ONLY look for the next year.
I am particurally fond of Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte in Coral Glow, but the other colors can work as well.

Dick Page is a genius make up artist!

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Anonymous said...

I got those shorts at Saks.com!! Love em!