Feb 26, 2010

Beatrix Ost Style Icon

Often i look for stylish women of my own age to gather inspiration. Yet, i notice that here, in Michigan, there seems to be a style "uniform" that is a bit...well, bland. On a recent mall trip with my family (I know, I know, "the mall?" it was NOT a good day!) I pointed out to my children that every woman over the age of 40 looked exactly-the-same! (so did every woman under the age of 40, but that's another post!)
Same flared jeans, same leather blazer, same wedge boots, same nondescript large leather bag, same highlights. it was like watching a loop of the same person walking back and forth.
Distressing? YES! Scary? Definitely. Only in the sense that individualism has left the building for most women.
Imagine, yes sit back and just IMAGINE, my delight in seeing Beatrix Ost on Style Like U blog!!
I fell instantly in style love.
Blue hair!
Victorian inspired clothing!
Over 40!
Fashion icon!

Take a look at her editorial at Style Like U blog...which, by the way is my other "breath-of-fresh-air-in-a-closed-hospital-room."

Feb 8, 2010


always and forever...burberry trench. enough said.

if i see another mom daughter team with black nail polish i will seriously cry. hot pink is sooo much more edgy now.

i'm tired of brown eyeshadow, over black liner..this color (518)from L'oreal Hip is the BEST, neutral-with-a-kick shadow!

yummy body cream from bodycology...about 5 bucks at walmarts...smells like marc jacobs or:

the sweet, heady scent of gardenia's always makes me feel like a vintage princess!

sweetest "vintage hat" headband from forever 21...reminds me a bit of isabella blow...