May 18, 2010

charles anastase...marry me.

sometimes i wonder...where the hell have i been? charles anastase is the french designer that has been setting the fashion world on fire. he recently came to my radar and of course i am obsessed!as a stylist i am quite a control freak. also a lover of layers and small details, like a color story...bold jewelry and quirky offbeat pieces. anastase is my new idol. partly because his attention is in the details...sometimes the lack of. anastase is a stickler for details and styling of his collection and it shows. the hair, make up, shoes and stockings are perfect without looking overly styled.
the fall 2010 collection had mr drooling for those pink/french nude opaque hose. the white glasses? fresh! big hair and wine colored lips? divine.
here's a whole mish a mashy of his looks.