Apr 9, 2010

Marni Hearts the Twenties...

...and so do we! (obviously)

(so easily reproduced by using an eighties silk beaded dress as a tunic and layering the hell out of it!)

Yesterday and the day before; and actually the day before that as well, i noticed that no matter what was being discussed I always turned the talk back to the:
Twenties fashion was more than flapper girls with dropped waisted dresses.
Pajama pants, darling!!!! Silk tunics, shirts, velvet high waisted trousers...linen. Unconstructed lines. Two colored, low heeled, shoes. Leather satchels. Menswear. ties, fedoras....playing with gender based philosophies in fashion.
Wellies, boots and SOCKS, dammit! Yes,socks.
So......I show you (ta-dah!) MARNI

Consuelo Castiglioni professes her obsession with the twenties, in a much updated, modern vibe.

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