Nov 26, 2008

Updates and turkey.

While the rest of the country is over indulging in Turkey meat, pumpkin pie, cranberry mash and other yummies, I will be adding new items to the site.

Alllll weekend.

Nov 14, 2008


Lately, I have been consumed with photo shoots, updating the site, measuring clothes and shipping orders. Our last few shoots have been done with photographer; Craig mcKenzie of Mckenzie Bros. Photography. Love his style, great guy, to bad he is allergic to tomoato's!!! It puts a damper on the quick fix grub from next door..(pizza, anyone?)
But he does love Pez, crystals, crystal covered Pez containers, balloons, feathers and of course ATHF. My kind of guy.
Check this:

New coats added daily. Chi-Chi and the Greek

Nov 13, 2008

Chip Willis: I heart you!!!!!! i get this email from Reven a few months ago...(Reven is the model in my header, gorgeous, sweet and one HELL of a model) she wants to use some clothes for a shoot with a photographer...Chip Willis. At the time the name meant nothing to me, I was just happy to loan the clothes. We met at my store, Chip was on his way, I was feeling a bit tired that day, really and honestly not up to "clothes shopping" for a shoot, but it was I took some advil and chatted with her while we waited. When Chip walked in his aura was instanly calming. A very un-assuming man, very tall, very nice and definitely knew his fashion. I was instantly smitten!! We started talking clothes and if you are like me, a designer FREAK, you can only imagine how exciting it is to speak fashion...with a MAN...who is also one of the most incredible photographers I have ever met. Seriously. When he said he was shooting at the Leland Hotel in Detroit I fell in LOVE!!! My kind of photographer.

The results? Nothing short of dreamy.
Thank you Reven and Chip!!!!!!!

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