Mar 13, 2009


Photo by Josh Band, model: Gloria Nyaega make-up; Andrea
shot at the Greek's other business, Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Mar 8, 2009

Girl Crush

Unbelievable shoot with Chip Willis this week. Nettie, the model, was sweet and beautiful. Sophia did some damn amazing hair and make up...I can't wait to see the final results.
I was able to meet with Chip and Nettie the next day and realized that Nettie has something special behind those penetrating eyes.
Girl Crush!!!!!!!
photo: Chip Willis, via his I phone.

Mar 3, 2009

La-La-La Lanvin

Possibly one of my favorite collections right now. Lanvin, Resort 2009. Bright colors and a higgedly piggedly array of baubles and wrong it's first thought. Second thought: Grey Gardens is still a vital influence in fashion!!!!!
From "Alber Elbaz was thinking not only of the "idea of vacation" but also of the "perfect American [look] of the fifties—but made in the wrong way."
Ahhhh, so right, indeed.
Who doesn't have a long summer dress in almost painfully bright colors? They always lose their appeal after a couple of wears. But now by adding pearls, brooches and some creative draping (ie: pinning and rolling those hems)they can be fresh again. Don't forget the rolled out of bed up-do (add your pins and treasures to it as well!) piles of chains, belts, large eighties-esque earrings,"dressy heels" and a touch of blush. Perfect for the Hamptons!