Jul 30, 2008

Sarah in Wonderland

As I wandered around Etsy I found the most unusual artist. Sarah draws mystical, ethereal and dreamy pictures of the women who dwell in my dreams. (Although she isn't exactly aware of that) Only 18 and soon to be an art student in college this fall, we predict that you'll be seeing a lot more of her work!
Take a peek at her Etsy store for more art and vintage inspired custom clothing and dolls!!!!!!!!

Jul 24, 2008


I LOVE this hair cut

oh, if my darling Sande, from Randolph's hair salon in Waterford...if you click on that link you'll see so many good pictures of her hair.

Guess who is going blonde?

Guess who just fainted?

Jul 23, 2008

On deck!

A few things coming to our site:
marc jacobs
whiting and davis mesh shirt
velvet vintage cape
hawaiian dresses
evening gowns
authentic mini dresses
from th sixties.
I love our new "model"...ant ideas for a name???

Jul 18, 2008

New Look

Confession time, again.
I have a secret style crush on katie holemes.
Don't even say a word.
I make no apologies.
I will admit that my style crush surfaced after her marriage, when she cut her hair. Magnificent. When she wore a belt with her bathing suit at Cannes?? Uh, love. Forever.
Now she's wearing this grunge type look that I am really, really digging.
Perhaps because it mimics my own style right now. I am a bit bored with the tight jeans, flowing top, wedge heels, look.
Ladies, (or guys, I don't judge,) that look has been over. For at least a year. Lets bury it together, please?
Now is the time for a white v-neck, a boys Hanes will do just perfectly, your husbands ripped jeans, circa 1980-something, high-end heels and some tights. You can, if you wish, cut those jeans for a loose short look. Or not.
Just step it up, okay?
This look will be EVERYWHERE in about one year. Trust!
Alexander Wang is kicking it right now, you need to jump on it!

And while you are at it, check out the awesome article Angela did on our store. Angela's Eye is a fashionable blog that details the, well, fashionable going ons in Metro Detroit. It's slick, sassy and very addicting.
Check it out at www.angelaseye.com

Jul 16, 2008


Anyone who knows me, and I mean REALLY knows me, is quite aware for my bizarre affection for seventies music. More accurately the Time Life Seventies Soft Rock Collection.I know. Sad.
I will stay up all night watching their info-commercial with utter glee. I'm not kidding. I'll watch it for as many times it's playing on that insomnia crazed loop. It drives the Greek crazy, He has a particular deep hatred for seventies soft rock. Iggy Pop, Ramones, Rita Mitsouko, Talking Heads and countless scores of un known alternative bands are more to his liking.
We are not a perfect match, but we come pretty damn close. Just not in music.
What makes matters worse is that I have BEGGED for this collection EVERY Christmas, Birthday and Groundhog day...to no avail. It's a power struggle, sure. One friend of mine remarked that I should just buy the damn collection myself. Well it just doesn't work that way. By gifting me this collection it proves that the Greek has come to realise that Seventies soft Rock rocks!
It is so not going to happen.
A few days ago I found the wonderful blog of Miss Bunny Tomerlin. I love her preppy style, monogrammed cocktail napkins, mint juleps, lobster pants and on and on.
More importantly I love her music player!!!!!!!!!!
Does the song "Wildfire" bring anyone else to tears?? How about "Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot??? I should of married Mr. Lightfoot, but since he never asked..(perhaps because we never met) anyhow, Bunny, if you're listening: "I worship at your alter of all things preppy, old money-ish and lovely!!!!!"
And to Gordon??
Call me!

Jul 15, 2008

Real Detroit

We are featured in this issue of Real detroit Weekly as a Hot Shop to Shop.
We agree.

you can read it HERE

While your at it, visit our site for new updates.

Jul 11, 2008

Deadly Vintage

One of my absolute favorite vintage sites is Deadly Vintage. Betsy has an amazing eye for fashion and composition. Her site is different than most sites, I always feel that I'm visiting an artist site rather than shopping the usual vintage sites. There are hundreds of stores out there, that sell vintage, but Deadly Vintage is so unique, so visually fun that it has always been my inspiration. It has true vintage gold there! I wished she lived in Michigan...we would definitely work together. Check out her MYSPACE page it's gorgeous!

Jul 7, 2008

Loved our jaunt to Florida, gotta post more pictures, update the website, yadda yadda.
Honestly, my greek and I quit smoking and I am just exhausted!