Sep 30, 2008


Opening October 11th 6-9pm.

Eddy Sykes’ Yakuza Lou is a site-specific installation that uses the relationship between the natural and mechanical notions of landscape, to create a unique garden with pushing and folding topographic surfaces and a robot cloud that floats overhead creating a volume in constant pseudo-natural flux.

This fusion of natural and man-made elements into a carefully thought-out practical application allows viewers to re-evaluate advanced systems of design.

This multi-system consists of a self-articulating, undulating landscape that utilizes hydrodynamics, motors, and growth patterns to constantly redefine a system of octagonal vegetative mats. Aided by a hinge-mounted motor, each octagonal palette expands and contracts much like an origami, fortune-telling toy. The opened shape promises to be a beautiful three-dimensional grass floret. The landscape coexists with an artificial Cumulonimbus cloud, which hovers overhead and transforms over time.

Materials & Applications
1619 Silver Lake Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
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Iris Apfel

A lot of my time is spent finding "inspiration" (another word for visual glutoney) a few months ago as I was stalking Bunny Tomerlin's blog I read about: Iris Apfel. Of course I was instantly smitten. Something about grand dame's with eclectic style makes me go all a ga-ga. (I believe it is partly due to the fact that I'm not 25 anymore, thank god!)

Sep 29, 2008

Mad For Plaid

Plaid is the new black this fall. A few things we have...Pendleton Shift dress, circa 1960's, Barbara Lee lightweight button down coat, faux Burberry cape (with matching hat!), circa 1960's, made in the United Kingdom.

Sep 12, 2008


The lovely Angela, from Angela's eye, came by Monday to interview us for our photo shoot for Prim magazine.
Big Fun!!!
Prim. Magazine , if you haven't already visited it, do check it out. We think they are going to be HUGE!!!!

Also, if you are in the Detroit area, check out the fabulous band: Blanche playing at Mocad tonight.

Sep 10, 2008

Creative people.....

Our new ad for the October issue of Prim. magazine.
Photo by Dan Lippitt, who is one of the most talented, quick and precise photographers we have worked with. I am digging the graphics which are designed by Joe Salerno. Joe is a "good soul" with much talent and insight. Plus his love for clean, black and white graphics makes him my new design crush!!! Two amazing people to work with.
Joe Salerno-music
Joe Salerno-blog
Creative Peoples Network

Dan Lippitt-photography

Sep 6, 2008

New photos

Here's some lovely shots of vintage items by photographer; Miya J with model: Shawntae

Sep 4, 2008

Good stuff!

Love this new photo for us by Dan Lippitt.
Also a 20% off sale this week, ends Sunday. Just enter the code "fashion"!!!!!!!