Apr 8, 2010

Mourning; Malcolm Mclaren

"In a 1997 article for The New Yorker, Mr. McLaren recalled, “We set out to make an environment where we could truthfully run wild.” On most days the shop did not open until the evening and closed within a few hours. The goal, Mr. McLaren wrote, “was to sell nothing at all.”
Malcolm McLaren from the New York Times

(Best quote ever!...especially since I have an online store and actual brick and mortar store!)

back in the day, when I was just a girl... managing the MAC store in Somerset mall, i discovered this CD; Paris by Malcolm McLaren, and played it constantly. All day, all night...and in the process discovered a genius that most people already knew about, but to me...it was new and brilliant.

His stores, clothing, art, music, bands, life...pure art.

I really adored Malcolm's creativity

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