Dec 14, 2011

Need it, Want it, Got to Have It..NOW!

a taste of India...
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inspired by beautiful women holding Gardenia's...

makes my late nites non-existent......

takes me back to dusky summer nites.....

makes my mornings so. good.

Dec 4, 2011

catching up

EDITOR'S CHOICE...via, StyleLine Magazine.
sooooooo goooood

Jul 15, 2011

waiting for FALL.......

Please, I am no good at summer dressing. I want Fall Fashion, and I want it now!
Layers, furs, tights, cashmere, feathers, goes on. Isn't global warming working???

Jun 22, 2011

The Ultimate Catherine Baba Post

Everyone who knows me, knows I worship Catherine Baba! When those certain women come into my store, (you know who you are, darlings!) we gather around the computer and watch Catherine Baba videos. Seriously. Screams of "J'adore!" "Darling!" and my favorite: "Faaaaabulous!" pour out in high pitched screams.
She is a styliste ICON, lovey's!
For me, I enjoy how she has branded herself. Her styling work shows her own style, yet somehow it still looks true to the editorial's or client's image.

I first saw a photo of her on the "Sartorialist" and fell in love.I had no inkling of who she was or what she did. I just thought; "I want to look like that!"

A slow, steady stalking insued.

Here are a my favorite photos.

Jun 14, 2011

news and such

site is coming soooooooon!
it is being developed by josh gaudette (i digg him) at white chair spectrum.

all photos on site were taken by:
photo: andi hedrick,
i digg him.

stlist, make up. hair: rula ajluni joseph
model: erin pecherski

Jun 1, 2011

Don't forget your casserole, Marge!!!!

Renee Spina Deardeuff walked into my store a few weeks ago and I nearly chewed off my bakelite bracelets. She had been a visitor at my old store, so I was familiar with her unique style, but on this particular Sunday she blew my fishnet stockings off! Dressed in natty nautical trousers, wide brimmed sun hat (a la Renee Perle!) huge wooden earrings and to die for shoes and sunnies. THIS was one of those customers that you KNOW you are going to fall in love with.
As the day was hectic, I didn't get to interact with her right away. However when she pranced out of the fitting room in MY favorite Tori Richard palazzo jumpsuit I took notice...AGAIN!
We started speaking about different fashionable dames and when she knew who Michelle Harper was, well my heart stopped.
The girls and I quickly fell in love with her infectious laugh, mannerisms and damn spot on fashion sense. When she told us about her alter ego, Marge, we were ready to keep her hostage.

Renee returned that week for a KILLER pair of Prada shoes and I knew...just knew that we would be life long friends.
I had the chance to interview her this past Saturday and it was a blast. (the bottle of red didn't hurt either!) Read on and fall in love with Renee yourself...or with her alter ego: Marge.
Chi-Chi: what is your favorite piece in your collection right now?
Renee: the sassy little number i purchased from here (Her Tori Richard's jumpsuit from Chi-Chi and the Greek.) I love the way it fit, the boldness of the print, the wide palazzo pants and the adorable jacket! It was the first thing I saw when i walked in, and when I went back to it and realised it was palazzo pants I died!!

Chi-Chi: Who are your favorite designers?
Renee: Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Prada.
Chi-Chi: With that said, do you shop vintage for labels or just for the piece?
Renee: I don't long as i love it! if it looks great than I'm in!
Chi-Chi: When did Marge come into the picture?
Renee: late 80's, early 90's. She showed up in a leopard bathing suit and "Marge" hair at a friends pool party. Then she was involved in a bowling league and on Halloween she showed up as ..herself. Then 5 yrs ago i went to a drive in party as Marge. She became more popular than me!! No one asked about me anymore, they just wanted to know if Marge was coming. Sometimes she socializes, other times she passes out hot dogs with a cough and a cigarette. (a FAKE cigarette that Renee fashioned from dryer lint, by the way!)

Chi-Chi: What women do you look upon as style icons?
Renee: My grandmother and my Aunt June. Aunt June stood out, she was loud vocally and in her way of dressing.. I connected very easily to her. She said what she felt and was always put together from hair to bauble! She had and wore an array of Caftan's that she would pair with really great marabou feather slippers or strappy sandals. I loved her really big, bright necklaces and bakelite bracelets too.
Chi-Chi: What kind of music do you listen to?
Renee: Everything from the blues, jazz, Edith Piaf, old school rock and PUNK!

Chi-Chi: favorite beauty products and fragrances?
Renee: Coco,Annick Goutal,Issey Miyake & Kiehl's original musk for fragrances. Beauty products:Natural Crystal Rock(keeps the bees & the flys away...HaHaHa) Loose Face Powder,Eyeliner,Mascara & Blush.
Chi-Chi: Lastly, what are some of your favorite stores?
Renee: Seriously? Well let's see... Off the top of my head...
Chi-Chi & The Greek(Shocking) Ella's Vintage, Paris, Lost and Found, Mother Fletcher's. Anthropology, H&M, TJM, Scout, Etsy & EBay

Thank you Renee for a lovely day and for sharing your stories with us!

"Marge" and myself!

May 16, 2011

say hi to your dad!

in the Midwest it's a common way to end your conversation: "say hi to your mom!" Today I'm giving a little shout out to my pops. He's my best friend, mentor, confidante and a voice of reason. Most of the time he's cracking inappropriate jokes, but that's another post.

Here's my new "favorite" song, dad. I told you about Arcade Fire on Easter. Tell me what you think. and remember: "Somtimes my daddy scares me?!!!"
I love you, dad!

(yes, i did grow up with a velvet Beatles in my house, so there!)

Apr 6, 2011

This is how you do it!

Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2011

The sexy, sleek looks of YSL's summer collection literally drive me insane. Can you not imagine the attention you would get walking into a party dressed like that? i can, every day!
Then take a look at Arthur Mendonca's Fall 2011 show for Toronto Fashion week. Mr. Mondonca's stylist based his look on catherine baba (faaabulous). Jay Strut wrote a swanky piece about Mendonca's collection. read it at Style Caster
here's a look at one:

and then of course the often imitated; Catherine Baba, taken from the Acne blog, right here

I'm still trying to rock the turban, but alas, the scarf has to do for now.
Speaking of scarves i have a huge collection that will be arriving in store this week. from YSL, Gucci, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo to more affordable pieces in true vintage styles.

Mar 24, 2011

Fashionable Muses

My fashion muse's. Renee, with her lacquered nails, brillaintined hair, floppy hats and wide legged trousers. Decadence.

Renee Perle....

Frida Kahlo...
etnic chic! Flowers in her hair, ropes of beads around her neck. Hypnotized.

Nancy Cunrad....
Kohl rimmed eyes and stacks of bangles to her elbows. I swoon.

Miss Baker....
Waved hair, golden skin, doe eyes. Mystery.

and of course the divine Miss Baba, J'adore!!!! A combination of all....