Jun 25, 2010

Diane Freis Featured Designer

Even more Diane Freis dresses added to site

This Leopard print Caftan dress is amazing, belted or worn loose!

The "Poppy" dress is romantic and modern! Comes with matching scarf!

A Diane Freis dress with her signature scattered throughout! Attached neck scarf and button up neckline.

Check out more in our Featured Designer section at Chi-Chi and the Greek

Jun 15, 2010

Diane Freis

vintage diane freis dress, modeled by erica miller, photographed by Ruth Synowiec (Trixie Nixon)

I have a true, undying love for Diane Freis dresses. They have a perfect balance of femininity, sexiness with a dash of hippie chic.
Guaranteed to turn heads!
Added a few new ones to the site, more coming this week.

nicole ritchie wearing diane freis:

Katy Rodriguez , (RESURRECTION and designs her own fashion line)is a fan!
Erin Fetherston, fashion designer, likes hers shortened!
Pamela love, LOVES her Diane Freis dress. (photo from Elle)

at chichiandthegreek.com and also in store: 3543 elizabeth lk rd, waterford mi. 48328

Jun 14, 2010

Who is..Olya Thompson

Olya Thompson .OLYA THOMPSON a magnificent textile designer. BUT not just another textile designer blending in the crowd. She is a one of a king gem I tell you; brilliant in her work, true to her ethnic history, and impeccable to design.

Moving from Russia to the States in her teen years, she still carries with her a strong remembrance and appreciance for her homeland which is clearly visible in her well being as well as inspiration in her designs. And best part yet, it wasn’t until she was remodeling her house in New York with her husband (and photographer) Charles, that she discovered the lack of textiles and fabrics she was in search for. Leaving her unsatisfied, she took things to her own matters and made a textile designer of herself. Genius gal. Recently opening her fabric house with partner Nathalie Farman-Farma, ‘Tissus Tartares’.

Her taste sure is nothing but exquisite--Rich. Delicate. Plentiful but not over-bearing. Romantic. Subtle yet colorful. Ethnic and PROUD!

And if you can’t quite grasp her taste. Please take a bite of her New York residence as you will see her use of patterns and textures. AMAZING ,enough said.

Written by: Courtney Yanick

Jun 2, 2010

J-Crew Revamped..OR perhaps not?

Recently it was brought to my attention that J-Crew had something for all of us to see.What you ask, what could J-crew possibly have in store for us (no hard feelings, by any means here) but when I think J-crew, the first images running through this head of mine is simple basic garments, garments that are affordable, and the garments that are staples in our wardrobe. Because of this, J-Crew has long established themselves and is a serving loyal friend in the average household closet. So when I first heard J-Crew had something to ring my ears, I was thrown though a minor loop. Now with that said, HERE, here I show you the fall 2010 ready to wear collection styled by the creative Jenna Lyons. Her inspiration--"Grey Gardens".

Now I ask you:
Is this Jcrew totally revamped? With new designs, silhouette structure and use of textiles..
Is this still the same simple J-Crew we know? ..Paired up with a genius stylist.

I leave this up to you, ladies and gentlemen, for you to decide. Can a brilliantly artistic stylist be the one responsible for the presentation of J-Crews fall collection. Or, is it the designer revamping the line in total..?

Written by: Courtney Yanick