Aug 4, 2010

Chloé, keeping me crazed

Chloé, for what we all know and love of the beautiful luxury ready to wear, has kept me dreaming and lurking in her magazine ads for quite some time now. I cannot determine whether it’s the way the clothes are tailored just right giving an amazing girly but oh so sophisticated feel using all the right colors and textures draped in the most dreamy way, or whether it’s the models that get it right every time by their delicate horseback riding character and never appearing to try too hard, but always just happens to be.

Whatever it may be for myself or for you…Chloé has maintained her place in the fashion spotlight since the early fifties. Chloé has had multiple ( and magnificent at that!) designers through the years: Karl Lagerfeld for over a decade, Martine Sitbon, Stella McCartney before launching her own line, McCartneys assistant- Phoebe Philo, Yvan Mispelaere, and NOW.. Hannah MacGibbon! Although it seemed that MacGibbon appeared out of the blue to many, she worked at Valentino for sometime before jumping to Chloé’s team. She was behind scenes at Chloé for five years making her way to designer presenting her 2009 Resort Collection as her first!

And so it is that Hannah has added her spice to the latest collections and for many has caused a wee bit of anxiety for their rankings of the new designer. For what many associate with Chloé, such as all the frills and prints—out the window! And the statement shoes and pronounced bags with much hardware— away with those too! A more tailored fitting, less girly and much more masculine vibe has moved in. I notice a lot of practicality in the latest collections ; from the blouses and dresses all the way down to the shoe. The basic color palettes give a clean and simple look to the eye—but tremendous for layering! And if you ask me, I just cannot marvel over her efforts enough!

1970's Chloé Ad

Karl Legerfeld, head designer of Chloé at time, shows 70's designs

Hannah MacGibbon presents her 2010 RTW collection

Written by: Courtney Yanick