Apr 6, 2011

This is how you do it!

Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2011

The sexy, sleek looks of YSL's summer collection literally drive me insane. Can you not imagine the attention you would get walking into a party dressed like that? i can, every day!
Then take a look at Arthur Mendonca's Fall 2011 show for Toronto Fashion week. Mr. Mondonca's stylist based his look on catherine baba (faaabulous). Jay Strut wrote a swanky piece about Mendonca's collection. read it at Style Caster
here's a look at one:

and then of course the often imitated; Catherine Baba, taken from the Acne blog, right here

I'm still trying to rock the turban, but alas, the scarf has to do for now.
Speaking of scarves i have a huge collection that will be arriving in store this week. from YSL, Gucci, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo to more affordable pieces in true vintage styles.