Jun 14, 2010

Who is..Olya Thompson

Olya Thompson .OLYA THOMPSON a magnificent textile designer. BUT not just another textile designer blending in the crowd. She is a one of a king gem I tell you; brilliant in her work, true to her ethnic history, and impeccable to design.

Moving from Russia to the States in her teen years, she still carries with her a strong remembrance and appreciance for her homeland which is clearly visible in her well being as well as inspiration in her designs. And best part yet, it wasn’t until she was remodeling her house in New York with her husband (and photographer) Charles, that she discovered the lack of textiles and fabrics she was in search for. Leaving her unsatisfied, she took things to her own matters and made a textile designer of herself. Genius gal. Recently opening her fabric house with partner Nathalie Farman-Farma, ‘Tissus Tartares’.

Her taste sure is nothing but exquisite--Rich. Delicate. Plentiful but not over-bearing. Romantic. Subtle yet colorful. Ethnic and PROUD!

And if you can’t quite grasp her taste. Please take a bite of her New York residence as you will see her use of patterns and textures. AMAZING ,enough said.

Written by: Courtney Yanick

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