Jun 15, 2010

Diane Freis

vintage diane freis dress, modeled by erica miller, photographed by Ruth Synowiec (Trixie Nixon)

I have a true, undying love for Diane Freis dresses. They have a perfect balance of femininity, sexiness with a dash of hippie chic.
Guaranteed to turn heads!
Added a few new ones to the site, more coming this week.

nicole ritchie wearing diane freis:

Katy Rodriguez , (RESURRECTION and designs her own fashion line)is a fan!
Erin Fetherston, fashion designer, likes hers shortened!
Pamela love, LOVES her Diane Freis dress. (photo from Elle)

at chichiandthegreek.com and also in store: 3543 elizabeth lk rd, waterford mi. 48328


Christine said...

Hey, I really love your blog, mines La Charmeuse:
Maybe you could check it out and give me tips on how to improve? Thanks :]

style-for-style said...

I wonder if this is one of her dresses, it looks almost identical to the one Ritchie is wearing