Jun 2, 2010

J-Crew Revamped..OR perhaps not?

Recently it was brought to my attention that J-Crew had something for all of us to see.What you ask, what could J-crew possibly have in store for us (no hard feelings, by any means here) but when I think J-crew, the first images running through this head of mine is simple basic garments, garments that are affordable, and the garments that are staples in our wardrobe. Because of this, J-Crew has long established themselves and is a serving loyal friend in the average household closet. So when I first heard J-Crew had something to ring my ears, I was thrown though a minor loop. Now with that said, HERE, here I show you the fall 2010 ready to wear collection styled by the creative Jenna Lyons. Her inspiration--"Grey Gardens".

Now I ask you:
Is this Jcrew totally revamped? With new designs, silhouette structure and use of textiles..
Is this still the same simple J-Crew we know? ..Paired up with a genius stylist.

I leave this up to you, ladies and gentlemen, for you to decide. Can a brilliantly artistic stylist be the one responsible for the presentation of J-Crews fall collection. Or, is it the designer revamping the line in total..?

Written by: Courtney Yanick

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