Aug 12, 2008

Vintage Ungaro and Chloe Sevigny

Oh Chloe Sevigny, we worship at your gladiator clad feet. Yes, we know that some fashion mags just don’t understand your sense of style. They call it “quirky” “eccentric’ they even question your mind, asking: “What the hell was she thinking?”

We KNOW what your thinking, Miss Sevigny, you are so far ahead of the style curve that mere fashion mortals can’t even begin to comprehend you. But we do, we love your individuality, your proverbial “thumbing of the nose” at mass targeted fashion trends, with their “it” bags and “must have” shoes….(if you noticed we are borderline stalking you, but no worries, our doctor upped our meds and we are positive that the “facility” has no intentions of letting us out soon.)

In the meantime we noticed that this vintage Ungaro dress mimicked one you were wearing recently.

Floral print? Check

Vintage Ungaro? Check, check!

Undeniably show stopping? Check. Check. Check.

Made in Italy,
size 6
Flowing shift dress, 4 pockets, no zip, front buttons, light pink with rose designs

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