Aug 14, 2008

Modern Flapper Dress at Chi-Chi and the Greek

My obsession with the 1920’s is parallel only to an embarrassing love of Katie Holmes and her ever evolving hairstyle and fascination with baggy men’s jeans, Don’t get me wrong, I love Katie and am ready to go fisticuffs with anyone who bags on her sense of style. However there are times when my “flapper “ mania beats the life out of my Katie Holmes fixation. Unfortunately I am a lot like you. The prices of vintage clothes can get me down, especially for clothes that are too fragile to wear, like most garments from the twenties are. This leads to a constant hunt for items that mimic the flapper era, frocks that mirror that time but are still affordable and wearable.
Hence, please join me in a loud scream of “SCORE!”
A gorgeous flapper type dress, complete with dropped waist, pleated bottom, lovely embroidery detail on the cuffs and neckline. Slightly padded shoulders and a darling velvet ribbon across the waist! Made in Canada by Fini von Infeld. The fabric label is on the lamb but this is substantial, yet flowing material, somewhat like silk crepe or a nylon blend. Excellent condition.
and here's a pic of Katie "scored" from Evil Beet, a blog that is highly addictive!!!


Some Like it Vintage said...

Awesome dress!

Becs said...

I love your dresses and did a posting about your site. Check it out if you have a chance. You all have beautiful taste! Best,Becs