Jul 16, 2008


Anyone who knows me, and I mean REALLY knows me, is quite aware for my bizarre affection for seventies music. More accurately the Time Life Seventies Soft Rock Collection.I know. Sad.
I will stay up all night watching their info-commercial with utter glee. I'm not kidding. I'll watch it for as many times it's playing on that insomnia crazed loop. It drives the Greek crazy, He has a particular deep hatred for seventies soft rock. Iggy Pop, Ramones, Rita Mitsouko, Talking Heads and countless scores of un known alternative bands are more to his liking.
We are not a perfect match, but we come pretty damn close. Just not in music.
What makes matters worse is that I have BEGGED for this collection EVERY Christmas, Birthday and Groundhog day...to no avail. It's a power struggle, sure. One friend of mine remarked that I should just buy the damn collection myself. Well it just doesn't work that way. By gifting me this collection it proves that the Greek has come to realise that Seventies soft Rock rocks!
It is so not going to happen.
A few days ago I found the wonderful blog of Miss Bunny Tomerlin. I love her preppy style, monogrammed cocktail napkins, mint juleps, lobster pants and on and on.
More importantly I love her music player!!!!!!!!!!
Does the song "Wildfire" bring anyone else to tears?? How about "Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot??? I should of married Mr. Lightfoot, but since he never asked..(perhaps because we never met) anyhow, Bunny, if you're listening: "I worship at your alter of all things preppy, old money-ish and lovely!!!!!"
And to Gordon??
Call me!


Anonymous said...

You're great! I love seventies music and funky vintage frocks too. I'm glad we linked up -- I'm enjoying your blog.

Chi-Chi and the Greek Vintage said...

Oh, I can so die and go to heaven now!!!
I have the biggest " fabulous-girl-with-fabulous-style-crush" on you!
(...and don't worry, what with my bag of meds and countless gin and tonics, I am perfectly harmless.)
seriously, thanks!

Becs said...

I agree, I think Bunny is a great girl crush! She is fabulous! I love your website, great idea and style. Love that you call your hubby the greek, mine is Rockstar Hubby!
Best, Becs