Jul 18, 2008

New Look

Confession time, again.
I have a secret style crush on katie holemes.
Don't even say a word.
I make no apologies.
I will admit that my style crush surfaced after her marriage, when she cut her hair. Magnificent. When she wore a belt with her bathing suit at Cannes?? Uh, love. Forever.
Now she's wearing this grunge type look that I am really, really digging.
Perhaps because it mimics my own style right now. I am a bit bored with the tight jeans, flowing top, wedge heels, look.
Ladies, (or guys, I don't judge,) that look has been over. For at least a year. Lets bury it together, please?
Now is the time for a white v-neck, a boys Hanes will do just perfectly, your husbands ripped jeans, circa 1980-something, high-end heels and some tights. You can, if you wish, cut those jeans for a loose short look. Or not.
Just step it up, okay?
This look will be EVERYWHERE in about one year. Trust!
Alexander Wang is kicking it right now, you need to jump on it!

And while you are at it, check out the awesome article Angela did on our store. Angela's Eye is a fashionable blog that details the, well, fashionable going ons in Metro Detroit. It's slick, sassy and very addicting.
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