Jun 6, 2008

So Charmed!

This morning I spent a ton of time uploading new items, fixing old items and chasing my dogs, who happened to be busy chasing the various wildlife that are in our backyard, (crickets, frogs, geese, ducks, the drunk guy next store....) when I remembered that my blinking gif was due to be on Bust magazines website any second.
After hitting the refresh button for like a million times I found it, but only after I found this amazing site first. So Charmed. You BET! At first I thought: Oh, hell yeah, I can make those. But on closer inspection I soon realised that I would sooner learn Chinese than make such intricate, ethereal jewery like Jodi. Plus her site is like a breath of fresh air, it's funny, it's dreamy and it has necklaces that say: "Bite ME!" Whats not to love?????

I sooo want a custom bracelet for Christmas!

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