Jun 7, 2008


Last summer the greek and I were able to spend a few weeks in Okinawa. To say that the expereince was life changing is an understatement.
This summer we are going back and, god help us, bringing our children. Yes we are bringing our 2 children who cannot stand traditional Japanese food.
At all.
Not even a little.

The food pictures are obviously the before and after pictures of the most incredible meal of my life.
It was at an air-port!!!!
We killed that platter in about 5 mins flat.
The picture of the tomb...I was fascinated with the burial places in Japan. Mostly because my grandfather was stationed in Okinawa during the war. He was also on his own last journey and each day left me wondering is the day he will pass?? Ironically he died a week after we came back.
I will never forget the smell of the earth, trees, incense in the burial mountains. If there is a perfume that captures that scent, I want it.
Okinawa is the most beautiful and friendly place I have ever visited. My soul is always there.

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chloe van paris said...

I dream to go in Kyoto.
So Okinawa is it the best diet on earth?