Mar 13, 2008

Paloma Picasso

I'm sure it will come as no surprise that another of my idols is Paloma Picasso. Yes, the dark hair, ethnic look and strong self image that she has is very apealing to me. I happen to have an actual sighting of her that still makes me laugh.
I used to be a make-up artist For Lancome when I was in my early twenties. My job was to "pull" perspective clients from the aisles and hopefully wow them with a quickie make-over. Talk about a stressful job. The term "deer in the headlights" summed up most of my clients look when I grabbed them from the floor.
I had 4 stores that I traveled to, all Lord and Taylor accounts.
One day I was at the Fairlane account and it was a particularly sloooow day. My counter manager and I decided to go to the local TGIF for a late lunch. This was after I had applied about 4 layers of Lancome's Coffee and Acaju eyeliner. At this time in my life I was dating an Arabic man, big surprise, and thought that the excessive eye make-up may help me fit in a bit better.
Anyhow as we were sitting in the restaurant a bit of a commontion started. A stunning woman with pale LUMINOUS skin and a jet black bob walked in. She was surrounded by about 7 European looking men, each with slicked back dark hair, all wearing dark suits and coats. She was wearing a tan trench and the reason I bring that up is the fact that she stood out from them in this glowing, important way.
I immediately knew it was Paloma. I was totally transfixed to her table, I mean we were in Dearborn, Michigan for god's sake, not exactly the most cosmopolitan city, or state for that matter. Here was a famous fashion icon only a few feet away from me.
I remember we even asked the waitress if it was indeed Miss Picasso and I'll never forget her response: "Who in the Hell is Paloma Picasso?"
That's Michigan for you.
I also remember that Paloma kept glancing at our table and calling attention to us with her guests. I probably looked like a 12 year old girl playing in her mother's make-up and jewelry. I'm sure you will also understand that being it was the late 80's my hair was huge, permed and grossly high-lighted.
I cut my hair into a severe bob after that and purchased about 12 different shades of red lipstick (including Paloma's signature Mon Rouge.)
Yesterday I saw an issue Of Pink magazine with none other than Paloma herself on the cover. Of course I bought it. My obsession starts again.

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