Mar 6, 2008

Ines de la Fressange

One of my earliest fascinations was with French super model, Ines de la Fressange. Perhaps it was her mastery of effortless French Style. It could of been the fact that as a young girl I rarely saw anyone who resembled me. Dark bushy eyebrows, chocolate unruly hair and belle laide features were not prevalent in Missy or whatever they were called, those fashion magazines for teens in the eighties. Oh sure once in awhile I would see a Gia type in my mom's Glamour, but in my neighborhood it was dishwater blond hair and blue eyes...EVERYWHERE. My dark unconventional looks made me an outcast and quite unsure of my own person. It wasn't until we moved to a Jewish/Arabic neighborhood that I finally felt like I fit in. Never mind that we were not Jewish or Arabic, I had finally found my people!
But Ines always reminded me of a cousin or Aunt I wished I had. She embraced her looks and made them work for her. She never wore frosted pink lipstick, purple eyeshadow or highlighted her hair. She didn't try to fit in or fit the mold of blond, busty American models. Plus that infectious smile is still the sexiest I have ever seen.I love her for it.
Yesterday I saw a picture on The sartorialist that looked exactly like Ines, her sense of style is so consistent with who she is and really has not changed over the years. Yes, she updates her hair, but it still stays in that short, tousled look that suits her so well.
She is my favorite model in all the world.

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The Alterpenguin Superdork said...

Thank god for people with their own sense of style... dishwater hair stinks, and is even worse when permed...ugh.