Feb 19, 2008

After the peroxide

I promised to write about clothes that have S.M.A but I happened upon the latest issue of Domino this week and developed a new fashion crush: Linda Rodin. Featured on the back page, this fashion stylist turned beauty entrepreneur tells of 10 things that make her happy: seashells, vintage tortoise shell eye-glasses, vintage phones and Chanel two-tone crushable flats, to name a few. I too adore/collect/covet these things but what really cemented my crush were her looks. After googling her I found her to be 57. 57 and no obvious traces of blond highlites, tight fitting blue jeans, fake nails, fake breasts or puffy lips.
I am forever in love!
Linda, to me, equates what a woman should look like after living well. She's put together, stylish and very much unique.
Need more? Take a look at another star versus Linda.
Aren't you a bit scared?

Morgan Fairchild-57
Linda Rodin-57


The Pilgrim said...

Linda Rodin is absolutely elegant of course, a lesson of how each age should be lived for what it is, a step further into wisdom, and not cling to the past.
On the other hand I once read that Morgan Fairchild (in spite of her peroxide looks) is a politically engaged woman who would have been on McCarthy's black list had she lived in the old days of Hollywood (!), so in a way I like her even if she looks like Barbie's mother!

All the best.

Paul Pincus said...

I love Linda Rodin...I remember a great piece the times did on her a couple of years ago in the Thursday edition...but I'm with the pilgrim on Morgan Fairchild...She did so much for AmFAR and other very important causes...you can't always judge a book by it's cover : )

Great post!!!

Chi-Chi Veroux said...

Okay! You both are right, I guess my point is that as a woman there are not many role-models in the "growing old gracefully" category. I think Morgan is beautiful but the difference between her and Linda are extreme.
I would love to see more women like Linda as opposed to this current trend of desperate over 40 housewives.
And believe you me I am totally for making yourself feel and look better. I only have issue when women think that they must look 35- for the rest of their lives! :)

The Alterpenguin Superdork said...

That is my kinda lady, one day, thats what I will be, class has always implied accepting what you are and where you are in your life gracefully in my wee brain and Linda is the absolute epitome of that.