Sep 14, 2010

Isabel Toledo

“I’m [designing] shoes that you want to see women wear on a day-to-day basis,” said Toledo. “You’ll see a very clean, graphic design, very utilitarian. I’m really interested in making shoes that women can walk in. Even for the evening shoes, I’m trying to address comfort and high style at a great price.”

....and before I start chatting up about Ms. Toledo, may I say that I thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderful dames who have worked with me this past year. My awesome intern Courtney, who took over the blog for awhile, Gracie....lovely little organizer and Zoe who ended up being a model for our ad's and site.
I miss you all, can someone find my keys???????

The Toledo's have been a super obsession of mine for many years. In fact if you have shopped my site or stopped by my store you will notice that I have a Ruben Toledo mannequin for Ralph Pucci. She has a few nicks but is just divine. A treasure worth her weight in gold!

(here she is ...shot by photographer: Irakly Shanidze, ummm you should know him, model's hair by Anita Schwartz at RED the SALON, (you will know her!) and make up by Wendy Whitelaw (google her!)

anyway, i totally jumped on the Payless bandwagon and purchased these little lovelies!

am thinking about these tooo....

I love her clothing collection for Couture Lab...and Ruben's drawings (for Nordstrom's, on isobel etc. etc.) are wild!

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