Jul 8, 2010

Chop Chop featured on my.gloss !!

Delighted to say, our dear friend Sophia from Chop Chop Beauty Shop was featured on mygloss.com.

Sophia shares with us her wonderful insight on how to easily refresh your style—mixing it up with hair color! And which I must say, is perfectly brilliant. Not only easy and quick, but can add that little bit of spice to your look without riding your closet. Sophia lets us in on her secrets, like the big winner: you don’t need to give your whole head a bath of dye, but rather throw in some random highlights, such as placing them in the back and when your hair is up it speaks ‘divine’! She insists colors of red, chocolate brown, raspberry! Try it, won’t you??

Sophia's work has been published in local and national magazines. She has also worked in film.

Chaos 2010-Vintage issue.
photo: Christian O'Grady
Hair and make up: Sophia Contoguris
Styling: Kelly Johnson
Clothes; Chi-Chi and the Greek

photo; Josh Band
hair make up: Sophia Contoguris
styling: Kelly Johnson (chi-chi and the greek)

private commision
photo: Irakly Shanidze
hair-make up: Sophia Contoguris
clothing/styling: Kelly Johnson (chi-chi and the greek)

More of Sophia and Chop Chop here:

Written By: Courtney Yanick

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