Oct 22, 2009

Men dig Vintage!

A month ago I styled a photo shoot that was themed "vintage." I had to find a location, pretty much the day of. The Greek came up with this amazing spot, part motel part small efficiency houses. It was sketchy at best, but the manager was very accommodating and super cool. (and had an endless supply of Kool mild's as well as PBR!!)
My main concern, besides the bright lights, stressed out spats and general commotion we caused was that the locals wouldn't find our fashion too interesting. Lets face it; in an age of low cut tops, tight jeans, spanks as pants...vintage dresses aren't what most would call sexy or hot, right?

WRONG!!!!!!!! These people went gaga over the models clothing. Same thing at my store, more men come in, because of my window displays, wishing their women would dress up in such finery, vintage lingerie, gloves, hats. Its truly quite amazing! Men have a very fine appreciation for lady like fashion.

Just look at Mad men. Those girdles and bra sets drive most men I know insane.

It translate to fragrance too. More often than not, I hear "Chanel No. 5" as the favorite scent of hot blooded men. I have it, wear it, love it, but frankly it's my "professional, take me serious scent" the go to scent for weddings, funerals, interviews..non invasive its the no brainer choice when I am not in a familiar element. I never think of it as a sexy, come hither scent, but I am obviously mistaken. Marilyn Monroe, famously answered that the only thing she wore to bed was "Chanel No. 5" A lesson to be learned!

Lets go back to vintage lingerie! Dita von Teese, clearly understands what men love. Yes her shows are more over the top, but look at her in her everyday wear. Don't you wonder what she is wearing underneath? I'm betting its not a thong!

No bring surprise that i ADORE this whole collection. Leopard print has NEVER looked so good!

and anyone who knows me, knows that i definitely love wearing lingerie as clothing! Okay, perhaps NOT when I pick my children up from catholic school, but certainly when the Greek and I go out!

They point is not to take it so literally. Of course wearing a sheer slip and garters and a bra peeking out is way much. But donning a vintage slip as a skirt is quite beautiful!

We will be adding some DIVINE lingerie on Sunday, so do check back. In the meantime:

dig up some of your boudoir pieces!!!

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Peter Breese said...

Fantastic post. Wonderful collection of shots!

I'm curious, do you know of any vintage lingerie companies? I'm working on a project that requires undergarments from 1910 (maybe even 1890) forward and am struggling to find someone who can cover that range or at least a good part of it.