Apr 9, 2009

Goodies...from Goodie Magazine

Current issue; hattie Hathaway

A new obsession of ours: Goodie Magazine. "From a Times Square building in late 1999, Foxy Kidd and Romy Ashby started making Goodie Magazine to celebrate authenticity and originality in whatever manifestation those qualities appear. It remains a small, handmade publication dedicated to preserving an endangered history through the stories of its subjects, and it is produced entirely on money it earns for itself."
Romy and Foxy...The Goodie Godesses!!

Seriously, one of the best art/culture zines we have ever had the pleasure of getting our hands on. For only five bucks you can instantly up your cool factor. We felt like we were actually part of the interview...much like late nite eavesdropping on the next tables uber delicious conversation.

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