Apr 29, 2009


My all time favorite dame: Daphne Guinness. I first saw her in an editorial featuring Christian Lacroix, she was wearing wide legged trousers (WHITE) a nautical, blue and white, stripe top, red espadrilles and red lipstick. i believe she was still married at the time and while she had a more rounded youthful look, she stood out in the sea of fashionista's, looking very chic, glamorous and yet as if she just threw everything on quickly. ( if I remember correctly they were all on Christian's boat...how drool!!!!)

F.Y.I...my new fav. blog: Easy Fashion! J'adore!


leticia-galsintheknow.com said...

I love her!! think she is absolutely brilliant!

Chi-Chi and the Greek Vintage said...

Me too! so eccentric!