Dec 16, 2008

Gifted children are no longer "real"...

This article really, REALLY ticked me off! As a parent of two highly gifted children I find this disturbing. We (our family) don't wear badges of "Proud to be the parents of gifted children" on our hearts. The short explanation of a long, sad and somewhat frustrating story is that finding out our children are gifted, has helped us love and explore the many complicated ways they feel, think and process info.
Gifted children are a handful. They see things differently, at times clearer than adults. At times as a 3yr old trapped in a 10yr old's body. While they may be somewhat of a "genius" I tend to look at their ability to see reason, show compassion and love to others.
Most 8 yr old's do not stop to comment on a classmates parents divorce being the reason that the child is acting out...just saying.
Check out this site for some USEFUL info on gifted childre.
Hoagies Gifted Education Page

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