Dec 22, 2008

Favorite things

One of my favorite fashion blogs is Glamourai. Yesterday I saw her blog on these boots. My husband then suggested we go shopping for two of my favorite things: shoes and perfume. The perfume was easy. Costume National's SCENT and the Hermes scent: un Jardin sur le nil. The hermes scent reminds me of Etro's Messe de nuit, while the Costume National reminds me of a scent I used to wear as a girl: Lady Stestson! Seriously, it has some of the same notes, but, obviously, much more elegant and much less chemical than the Stetson.
The shoes were more of a problem, everything I tried on was either too tight, too loose or too boring. My mind kept going back to those damn boots at Payless, by Patricia Field, no less. We came home and I ordered both colors: the black and olive.

Thanks, Glamourai!!!

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