Nov 13, 2008

Chip Willis: I heart you!!!!!! i get this email from Reven a few months ago...(Reven is the model in my header, gorgeous, sweet and one HELL of a model) she wants to use some clothes for a shoot with a photographer...Chip Willis. At the time the name meant nothing to me, I was just happy to loan the clothes. We met at my store, Chip was on his way, I was feeling a bit tired that day, really and honestly not up to "clothes shopping" for a shoot, but it was I took some advil and chatted with her while we waited. When Chip walked in his aura was instanly calming. A very un-assuming man, very tall, very nice and definitely knew his fashion. I was instantly smitten!! We started talking clothes and if you are like me, a designer FREAK, you can only imagine how exciting it is to speak fashion...with a MAN...who is also one of the most incredible photographers I have ever met. Seriously. When he said he was shooting at the Leland Hotel in Detroit I fell in LOVE!!! My kind of photographer.

The results? Nothing short of dreamy.
Thank you Reven and Chip!!!!!!!

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Chip Willis said...

I need to come back soon!

Thank you! You were awesome too!