Aug 19, 2008

French Navy!

Carine Roitfeld is the pioneer for the whole black with navy look. So French, chic and ever so slightly “shocking,” we love the way the two paired together give a jolt to our basic navy or black clothing. It’s like when that guy decided to put peanut butter and jelly together, or fish and chips, golden cake with creamed filling, you get the idea…it’s revolutionary, darling!

Back in the day we would never, ever, ever, pair black with navy. If done it was only because your eyesight was shot, a simple mishap in the morning rush. Fast forward to today, black and navy is so fresh! While this dress has not a smidge of black, we see it accessorized with black opaque tights, and huge, clunky patent leather shoes. Impeccable in its structure, we love the low dipped back. A perfect summer to fall transitional dress.

French Navy blue linen silk , back zip, fully lined.
circa, 1960's
Only at CHI-CHI and the GREEK

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