May 16, 2008

Matt Blake

It's with a really sad heart that I write this next post. Matt Blake, an incredible Detroit artist passed on May 10th from a massive heart attack. Matt was such a wonderful guy, we knew him from this a group of artists that hung together as family in Detroit, it included my brother, Eddy Sykes.
I usually saw Matt when my brother was preparing for a show and I was often struck by his sweetness and gentle soul. Matt was always there for my brother and I know he helped many other artists with their work as well.
He and his wife Hazel hung out at our house one nite years back and I have never ever had someone appreciate a cup of coffee or chocolate in my life. He had the ability to make you feel so important and lucky to know him. I was struck by how much the two of them were in love. It was obvious and bright. For some reason I never forgot it.
My brother usually had a funny, sweet "Matt and Hazel" story to share with me, as I, like the rest of the city thought of them as one person and not to mention was incredibly interested in them. If there was ever a more intriguing couple...well the two of them together were an enigma. We had just spoke that week about Matt and Hazel, my brother telling me stories, both of us laughing, basking in that feeling you get when someone is talking about people they love and respect. I really enjoyed that conversation with my was crushing to here his voice on my phone, telling me that Matt had died that morning.
and so it goes.
Our hearts go out to Hazel and Matt's family and friends. You will be missed.

This memorial broke my heart.


Anonymous said...

I am Matt Blake's sister. It is so wonderful to see all of the love my brother was/is able to create in this world. Thank you for your wonderful words.

Chi-Chi and the Greek Vintage said...

Matt was an incredible friend to my brother...I always was a bit jealous when Eddy would come into town and stayed with his "family": Matt and Hazel. Yet it made me feel good that he had them in his life, I knew Matt looked out for him and believe me, no one could make Eddy happier or laugh harder than Matt. Our thoughts are with your family, he will not be forgotten.