Apr 14, 2008

Chi-Chi and the Greek store news

The last week has been hectic to say the least. The greek and I have been getting our little boutique together. The website needs to be updated, socks need to be washed and dogs need to be feed. But it is all worth it.
Yesterday Dee came to take some pics for a story on our site/store. My mom took a quick snap of the two of us.

I'll post some pics of the store tomorrow right now I just need some sleep.


Dawn MarLett said...

Chi-Chi, you look smashing as always! I am in love with you new boutique; Lady's let me tell you that if you haven't seen it, you should and those who have (like myself) want to go back again and again to see what's new at Chi-Chi and the Greek!


AMuse said...

Lovely photo. :)