Feb 26, 2008

Etro envy

I've always been partial to Etro, ever since an ex-honest-to-god-Italian-boyfriend introduced me to their line.
He went to boarding school with a few of or one of the brothers. His closet was stocked with a billion variations of the blue buttoned down shirt. Checks, stripes, gingham, dots etc. etc. Even though my style ran amuck from Salvation Army to T.J. Maxx; I knew INSTANTLY that my boyfriend had a certain "old-money" class that I would never ever emulate.
We broke up eventually, but not before he taught me about Campari cocktails, Vanessa Paradis, Italian Marlboro cigarettes (very different from American cigarettes) and the importance of good shoes and earth colored make-up. He bought me an army green Etro wool wrap shortly before we went our separate ways. It still is one of my favorite articles of clothing, which is odd as it is not actually a piece of clothing but rather an accessory!
Anyhow, I still worship at the alter of Etro, although the perfume is more accessible to me nowadays.

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