Nov 1, 2007

Perfume, Artists, Candy and Renee Perle

Yikes, sick children equals one sick momma! Haven't updated due to all this streep bacteria, play-dates and school functions. The public school my children now attend is amazing. After years of private school shopping I found our answer 3 minutes away.
Halloween was a blast, tons of candy for ...ME! It lead me to consider candies of years past. I quickly found the Victory Candy Store to be my favorite informational site.
Lots of MYSPACE cruising has lead me to a very inspiring duo.
First, Renée Perle , a absolute gem of information about French photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue's gorgeous girlfriend. Better than wikipedia!

Secondly, the artist Tonina from Berlin. Truely one of the most brilliant artists I have seen on myspace in awhile.

I also have been honing my addiction for Noel de Nuit, since I discovered an old bottle of this Caron fragrance at an unusual estate sale.

From "Nuit de Noel is perfect for December days of celebration. It is floral woody and spicy. Deeply complex, it has a sophisticated chypre note."

Available in : Extract, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette
Amber floral woody. Rich and voluptuous.
Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Saxon Moss, Musk, Sandalwood, Saxon Moss

In 1922, after the shock of the First World War, Europe was caught up in partying and escapades. Product of the roaring twenties Nuit de Noλl conveys by name the magic of a special evening.
The bottle is designed in pure 20's style, fashioned in totally opaque black glass in accordance to the mystery of that enchanting night. The gold band recalls to mind the headbands flappers used to wear.
A sophisticated composition with an oriental character mingles rose, ylang-ylang, precious woods, and Saxon moss.
This perfume is dedicated to the sophisticated, mysterious woman who carries with her the irresistible allure and magic of a Christmas Night
Bottle designer(s): Felicie Vanpouille / Francoise Bergaud

I am just finishing my tutorial of html so that I may upload my vintage frocks this week-end. Keep your fingers crossed as I may have the site up by late next week.


Renée said...
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Renée said...

i am very honored to be in such lovely company